Hi. I'm Tricia......

Through my social media presence, my 1-1 coaching, and online masterclass, I help people recently diagnosed with coeliac, (celiac) disease, to answer all the questions buzzing in their heads, so that they can feel empowered to start the gluten free journey, without fear or overwhelm.

Unlike the medical profession, I use my years of experience as a mindset coach, (and a fellow coeliac), to help clients to not feel alone, or rely on internet searches.

I encourages a healthy mindset, whilst offering a sense of belonging, practical ideas and support, so that my clients can regain control and freedom, to live an energetic life.

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About Tricia......

After several years of being fobbed of by the doctors, one lady doctor suggested she give me a blood test for a ‘couple of conditions’.

When the test results came back , I WAS SHOCKED to discover that the blood results showed that it was possible I had Coeliac (Celiac) disease.

Then I had the long wait for biopsies to be taken .

Would you believe the biopsies showed no damage to my intestines and I was once again sent away, saying that I should try the FodMap diet for a while and see how I get on.

That was it . NO FOLLOW UP! NOTHING!


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..........Have Your Recently Been Diagnosed with Coeliac (Celiac) Disease?

Maybe you feel this way?

Don’t know what you can or cant eat.

Don’t know what to buy, or what contains gluten and what doesn’t.

Don’t know how to explain your condition to others.

Or they don’t take you seriously?

I have been gluten free now for 5 years. I have nothing like the pain I used to have.

My brain fog has gone and my stomach has settled.